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Comminnovation… Keep it ‘G

Not sure about you but in the last few days I’ve been challenged on whether I’m Keeping ‘G’ with respect to the ability to communicate with the present generation of young people, those I coach and work with daily. Given the developing need to interpret media and messaging platforms which have changed so considerably over the years, as a Coach

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FactFulness… And you thought you knew, what you know!!

So summertime reading took a different turn in recent weeks as I found this ‘Eureka’ book, and genuinely think it’s a must for all to read. This book might, or certainly will reorientate what you think you understand to be accurate and correct. Irrespective of your background or understanding of a subject, this book will force you to reconsider whether the

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Brilliant – The ‘Process’ of ‘Deliberate Practice’

This is a brilliant video explaining the process and value of deliberate practice. Thanks Annie Bosler & Don Greene & TED-Ed ‘Mastery is not just the Hours of practice but the ‘quality’ & ‘Effectivness’ of the practice’ ‘Effective practice is consistent, intensely focused and targets content or weaknesses that lie at the edge of ones current abilities’

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