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FactFulness… And you thought you knew, what you know!!

So summertime reading took a different turn in recent weeks as I found this ‘Eureka’ book, and genuinely think it’s a must for all to read.┬áThis book might, or certainly will reorientate what you think you understand to be accurate and correct. Irrespective of your background or understanding of a subject, this book will force you to reconsider whether the

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Brilliant – The ‘Process’ of ‘Deliberate Practice’

This is a brilliant video explaining the process and value of deliberate practice. Thanks Annie Bosler & Don Greene & TED-Ed ‘Mastery is not just the Hours of practice but the ‘quality’ & ‘Effectivness’ of the practice’ ‘Effective practice is consistent, intensely focused and targets content or weaknesses that lie at the edge of ones current abilities’

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