FactFulness… And you thought you knew, what you know!!

So summertime reading took a different turn in recent weeks as I found this ‘Eureka’ book, and genuinely think it’s a must for all to read. This book might, or certainly will reorientate what you think you understand to be accurate and correct.

Irrespective of your background or understanding of a subject, this book will force you to reconsider whether the information you are being provided with is accurate and being interpreted for the purpose of a specific factual message or perhaps is it being skewed so that your perspective on what’s believed to be correct suits the intended ‘truth’ or message and belief being most commonly presented.

We all have to look at the Optics v’s Reality in all walks of life.

I really enjoyed this and thanks to @OlaRosling @HansRosling @AnnaGapminder @Gapminder for your work.

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