Sometimes it calls for…..

One has to do what one has to do….. perhaps!!!

Just look around though at what you’ve read or heard today, yesterday and in the most recent past and see how much of it reflects the fact that many of those in positions of influence & ‘control’ are genuinely interested in doing the ‘right’ things for the greater good.!!  


are making decisions and ‘forcing’ agendas, that are wholly focused on the continued presentation of a power based and ego driven agenda.   

Whether it be across industry, financial institutions, political or government agencies and departments, not to mention member organisations, academic institutions and volunteer bodies,  for the ‘greater good’ requires some consistency of ‘values’ on how you do, what you do, what you say, and if you mean it, and how you act, and if that act holds true to what you said you meant!.

Image result for the greater good


Integrity is a core value required in all things, and in particular when you hold a position that can and does influence the ‘greater good’.

There is a real challenge to consider whether the decisions made have a real benefit to the overall good or are solely based on ensuring that the perceived ‘value’ in the ‘ego’system is enhanced and maintained.

To be honest, as we see how messages are and can be consistently ‘spun’ and twisted in ways that neglect to represent the truth, occasionally deliberately but rather than present untruths the primary agenda is oriented on representing a redacted version of the history, or facts in order that the present can be viewed in a often more positive fashion.

Be careful of how you interpret the information you read, hear and consume as there’s a lot of it that’s……

or in more simpler ways, it’s

As you head to the polls today enjoy the read.!!!!

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