Comminnovation… Keep it ‘G

Keeping it ‘G’

Not sure about you but in the last few days I’ve been challenged on whether I’m Keeping ‘G’ with respect to the ability to communicate with the present generation of young people, those I coach and work with daily.

Given the developing need to interpret media and messaging platforms which have changed so considerably over the years, as a Coach I find that one of my principal development needs of late (and that’s ongoing over the last 2-3 years) is the ability to morph, change and develop my ability to both plan and interpret the type, style and delivery of communication as well as my ability to subsequently check if it’s understood, accurate or interpreted in the way I wanted or intended.

The consumption of new media messages, the pace at which they’re scanned and assimilated then shortened & synopsised means that you need to keep up. When you see how acronymic content can confuse the crap out of you, I’ve found I can very quickly be ‘out of sync’ with the individual after a relatively short period of time, or in a relatively short conversation, realise you’re having a very different one than the one you had intended.

Glassy Eyed

A Glazed look is a ‘sure way’ of knowing you’ve lost the engaged attention of an individual and for sure, I’ve found that you only get a chance to ‘revisit’ the chat you wanted to discuss after a period of time where in the main, you’ve rebuilt the ‘confidence’ in the other party that the ‘time’ you’d need to discuss a topic, is justified to give you in the every busy schedule of modern teens.

I suppose in short, and that’s NOT one of my better skills, it’s essential that as a coach of modern TEENS, your communication style, tone, delivery method and the topic for discussion is consistently flexible and innovative to ensure that the message is received, interpreted and hopefully responded to in the way you wanted.

Learn to Comminnovate……!!!!!

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