One Simple message, on the ‘right’ day!

This year, like last year I got a message from someone I know a long time, a colleague in one walk of my life, a friend in another as an adult and someone I knew little about despite living within 100m of each other as kids.  It’s a strange world, how paths can meet, then diverge and cross again in a very different context.

When you look at your life, as you get older, not perhaps wiser, but more reflective for sure, you realise that the most important aspect of what you do daily is the impact you have on others.  That means different things to different people, and I’m aware of that, sure that’s what makes the world go around!

Today, April 13th, I’m reminded of the impact My Dad had on someone, just one of many many people. Eighteen years ago today, My Da through his own experience helped another person piece themselves in to his legacy one day at a time.  If it wasnt for my ‘aul man, there may not be the same life being  lived as a happy, fulfilled and as succesful today.

My Dad was great fun! loved music, loved to dance, told great stories and enjoyed everyones company and they his.  Of course he had his own challenges in life but in the main he moved on to pastures new with a clean slate.  One thing is for sure though, his was a life well lived and is a legacy well left.

Today Friend, Thanks for the reminder!

Today Dad, Thanks!!

OneDayatATime Legacy

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