TEAM & Individual Titles, Podiums & PB’s sees TEAMTSC finish strong at Leinster LC Championships

Another Great Day of racing for the TEMPLEOGUE Athletes today at Day 2 of the Leinster Swimming LC Championships.  The final sessions this evening finished on a high as the @TEAMTSCSWIM Girls Medley Relay capped off a fine evening winning the Leinster Title after the Boys too had finished in Silver medal on the podium.


Ellen, Robyn, Alie & Cara won GOLD & Leinster LC Title in MTR


Ethan, Finn, Joe & Evan capped a fine evenign with SILVER in MTR

The Team had a great day in morning heats and finals on the second day of racing with Oscar Randles opening the day with a strong 200BF, before Laura Gleeson kicked off her day with the first of a few PB’s in the Girls 200BF, while Ellen Walshe & Hannah Walshe both posted heat swims which qualifed them for the nights finals, Ellen finishing in 2nd and Hannah in 5th.  In the sprint BC event Greg Sinnott flew the mens flag and swam well but marginally outside his best, before Arianne Courtney & Erin Delaney rocked big PB’s while Leah Martin & Alie Martin posted great heats swims to qualify for the finals, where

both girls subsequently improved on heat times and made the podium, Leah in Bronze Medal position and Alie claiming her second Regional Senior Title of the weekend, took Gold in a new PB.

In what proved to be a busy day for Oscar Randles, he opened up a 100FC with a PB, followed too by squad mates Stephen Murphy, Sam Flanagan & Daniel Walsh, while Evan DeLacey did likewise before Jamie Flanagan, Luke DeLacey & Traolach McKnight battled hard in a tough head to head with good results for all three.  Ethan Brady posted a new PB, while Sean Maguire & Finn O’Keeffe delivered strong swims before Evan Rossiter capped off the event with a Strong PB for him, which earned hima  spot, with O’Keeffe in the ‘B’ Final this evening, both boys finished with Rossiter 4th & O’Keeffe 8th in the ‘B’ Final.


Cara Osing on podium after a great 100FC

The Womens 100FC was a really busy event for the TEAM with Amy Purcell & Shona Kelly posting great swims and getting great experience, in their first regional LC event, before Kate Sweeney smashed a huge new PB, before Erin Delaney, Nicole Fitzpatrick & Ella McNair also posted solid swims with Hannah Walshe doing same before Arianne Courtney continued her onslaught on her FC PB’s with another solid performance in the 100FC also.  Megan Culbert & Alie Martin were please with their efforts, while Leah Martin & Robyn Lynch both produced great new PB’s in the same 100FC, as did Cara Osing, qualifying herself for the final this evening where she finished in 3rd but the youngest member of the regional podium in the event, and gaining great racing experience against tough open competition.


Joe Kenny PB’s en route to his first Regional Podium finish

Sam Flanagan, opened a solid 100BS, before strong PB’s were delivered by Stephen Murphy & Evan DeLacey, while Traolach McKnight, after a great swim, was DQ’d for a turn infrngement, but had battled hard against Luke DeLacey & Sean Kenny, both producing strong swims which saw Kenny qualify for the ‘B’ Final this evening.

Older brother Joe Kenny, produced another great swim in the heats to qualify for the ‘A’ Final this evening and further improved on his PB to take his first regional OPEN medal.  Well done Joe!

In the Womens Breastroke event the team saw some additional good swims as Erin Delaney & Ella McNair posted strong swims, while Megan Culbert & Leah Martin did likewise.  Isabella Moes posted a PB equalling swim to qualify for the ‘B’ Final this evening where she made it well worth her while as she took a full second off her earlier swim to set a new PB in the final this evening.


Robyn Lynch produced a stunning swim for 3rd in the 100BS

Robyn Lynch obliterated her entry time in the heats to qualify in 8th for the final, but completely destroyed that swim this evening and finished with another superb PB and in 3rd place overall, claiming her first Senior Regional podium finish also.

As the morning progressed the lads took on the 200BC, with Sam Flanagan, Greg Sinnott & Evan Rossiter all posting solid heats, which saw Rossiter & Sinnott both qualify for ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals this evening.

Sinnott improved on his earlier effort in the ‘B’ Final, while Rossiter was pleased with his 7th place finish in a busy schedule of racing finals this evening.

In the girls 200BC, Erin Delaney & Arianne Courtney put strong heats together before Laura Gleeson posted another great PB for her in this event having recently done same in the Distance champs earlier in January.  Cara Osing & Alie Martin both qualifed for the ‘A’ Finals this evening in this event and finished with two excellent improvements on earlier heats and a PB for Osing, with Cara in 3rd & Alie in 2nd on the podium.

After a short break the boys were back in action in the 400FC, with Oscar Randles, Stephen Murphy & Daniel Walsh opening the scoring with some great swims & goos PB’s, before Sean Kenny, Sean Maguire, Ethan Brady, Joe Kenny & Evan Rossiter put solid swims on the board as they too focused on delivering well paced and balanced swims within PB territory swims.

Fresh from the slopes and some skiiing, Finn O’Keeffe posted a PB in the 50BF to qualify for the ‘A’ Final where he did likewise again and made a further gain on an already strong swim to finish as the 6th fastest regional swimmer in the event.


Ellen collected another Title in the 50BF

On the girls side Ellen Walshe & Robyn Lynch both qualifed for the girls finals as Alie Martin & Hannah Walshe also had managed to post solid heats.  Ellen took another regional title in the 50BF, while Robyn in a  superb new PB finished in 4th.

Some of the final events in the individual events saw continued progress for the TEAM’s athletes as Daniel Walsh kicked off with a solid swim, while Oscar Randles, Sam Flanagan, Conor Kenny & Stephen Murphy smashed big big PB’s in their heat, before Evan DeLacey also produced a good swim right before his brother Luke took almost 2 seconds off his previous best time in this event.

Sean Kenny equalled his best before brother Joe posted a great new PB en route to qualifying for the ‘A’ Final as Evan Rossiter also had posted a swim to qualify him for the ‘B’ final.  Tonight both boys raced strong with Joe finishing in 5th Overall as a Leinster Athlete, while Evan was the 4th Leinster Athlete in the ‘B’ Final.    The Final Individual event saw Shona Kelly, Amy Purcell, Kate Sweeney and Nadya Dunne, smash huge PB’s in the Girls IM, while Arianne Courtney, Hannah Walshe & Leah Martin, posted strong swims also.  After a busy day Cara Osing & Robyn Lynch were the last two finalists in the 200IM with Osing 2nd in the ‘B’ Final in a great new PB, while Lynch also smashed a big PB to finish 4th in the ‘A’ Final for her.

Overall the event was a really succesful one for the TEAM and we’ll update official results and PB’s and Club records int he coming days.   Well done to ALL who raced, a big thanks to all parents who helped officiate and we’ll see you all soon for more great racing.

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