Titles for Martin, Osing & Walshe on Day 1 of Leinster LC

Day 1 of the @SwimLeinster LC Championships was a good one for the @TEAMTSCSWIM crew as performances and results showed improvements across many of the athletes.  A first regional  Senior Title was just reward for Alie Martin in the 100BC and Cara Osing in the 400FC, while Ellen Walshe also posted a regional title in the 400IM with a comfortable win.

The TEAM had some 38 athletes racing this weekend and some great morning swims by athletes tee’d up a great evening of finals also.

Evan Rossiter picked up a podium finish after a strong PB in the 400IM, while Cara Osing & Ellen Walshe also posted podium finishes in the 200FC and 100BF respectively.  The Girls topped off the evening with a superb racing effort in the 400FTR to finish 3rd with strong performances from all.  The lads too produced a stunning display as the ‘Kenny’ Brothers teamed up with Greg Sinnot & Evan Rossiter to race strongly to 7th place.

Megan Culbert made finals in a strong PB in the 50BS, while Leah Martin & Hannah Walshe also posted finals swims in the 100BC after good early morning efforts.  Walshe posted a superb PB in the morning BC event to qualify for the night time finals.  Sean Kenny swam a superb 30+ second PB in the 1500FC, while also qualifying for the ‘A’ final in the 200BS this evening.

In the morning swims we saw PB’s from young squad members as Kate Sweeney, Arianne Courtney, Laura Gleeson posted strong new PB’s while Erin Delaney, Nadya Dunne, Mia Whelan O’Connor & Ella McNair showed considerable improvement in skills and pacing in their efforts.  Leah Martin, Hannah Walshe & Megan Culbert were pleased to see early season work produce solid swims in their event also.  In the Boys event, huge PB’s by Oscar Randles, Stephen Murphy, Sam Flanagan & Conor Kenny opened up the account for the young lads, while Daniel Walsh, Sean Maguire, Sean Kenny & Jamie Flanagan put together well paced and skilful efforts, before Traolach McKNight & Ethan Brady built on the PB’s as Evan Rossiter too opened his weekend with a strong effort in the same event.

Culbert’s final & PB in the 50BS, was echoed in the boys events by Joe Kenny & Traolach McKnight, who both had strong swims, Kenny had qualifed for the final in superb new PB. The girls 100BC saw Nadya Dunne, Arianne Courtney & Erin Delaney deliver solid swims, while Osing, the Martin sisters & Hannah Walshe all made finals.  The results this evening saw Cara Osing post a strong 4th place finish in the final which saw Alie Martin collect her first regional Senior Title in a superb 2 second improvement on her Previous best.  In the boys event Conor Kenny, Daniel Walsh, Sean Maguire, Jamie Flanagan & Joe Kenny were delighted with their PB’s, while Finals were qualified by Ethan Brady, Joe Kenny & Evan Rossiter as Greg Sinnott was also placed as a reserve and Sean Kenny & Sam Flanagan were pleased with their good swims also.

Ellen Walshe, Leah Martin & Laura Gleeson posted good swims in the 400IM, with Walshe taking the regional title in the event, before Evan Rossiter also posted a big PB to earn a podium finish also in the region, a just reward for his efforts.  PB’s kept coming from Nadya Dunne & Alie Martin in the 100BF, while Ellen Walshe & Hannah Walshe both qualified for the finals in the same event this evening, with Ellen finihing in silver medal position.  Sam Flanagan, Luke DeLacey, Conor Kenny & Ethan Brady made it a clean sweep of PB’s for the boys int he 100BF.  The short 50M speed events worked out well for the girls as Alie Martin made a final and finished in 4th in a huge PB, as Leah Martin also posted a big PB in the morning heats.   Nadya Dunne, Erin Delaney, Megan Culbert & Arianne Courtney also posted solid swims in the speed event, while Daniel Walshe, Luke DeLacey, Evan Rossiter & Traolach McKnight did likewise before Sean Maguire blazed a huge PB in his sprint event. .

Kate Sweeney opened up the middle distance event with a great new PB, while Mia Whelan O’Connor, Erin Delaney, Hannah Walshe & Megan Culbert were happy with theis swims before Arianne Courtney a great new PB as she put together a great swim, and Ella McNair, Laura Gleeson & Cara Osing  posted strong swims, where Osing’s great pacing saw her all the way to the podium and her first Senior Regional title.

PB’s from Sam Flanagan & Stephen Murphy was a great end to their efforts for the day as Greg Sinnott, Sean Kenny & Joe Kenny also posted good swims which saw Joe & Sean both qualify for the finals.  Ella McNair finished her morning effort with a nice new PB, while Megan Culbert also capitalised on her strong morning with a good swim also.

Overall the Day 1 swims showed some strong PB’s great pacing and good new skills implemented in the racing pool for the Clubs young athletes.  Day 2 will bring more great opportunities for the swimmers in the club to put their developing skills in to practice.

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