TEAM TSC Open Sea, National & International – Your SUMMER HEROES are BUSY!!!


We’re in that part of the season where we’re MAD Busy.

Last weekend saw our SEA Swim as part of the Leinster OPEN SEA SWIM Series and big numbers (135 Men & 72 Women) participate on Father’s day this year at Seapoint in Dun Laoghaire.

Our men had won the Overall TEAM Prize the weekend before last in the Eastern BAY event and repeated the achievement last weekend also at our own Swim (TEAM PHOTO HERE).

This weekend coming we have 17 Athletes travelling to the Swim Ireland Irish Age Group Division 2 Championships in UL in Limerick

  1. Traolach McKnight
  2. Matthew Parnell
  3. Greg Sinnott
  4. Eoin Feighan
  5. Caroline Ryan
  6. Robert van Breda
  7. Keeva Bowe
  8. Anna O’Gara
  9. Luke DeLacey
  10. Isabella Moes
  11. Rachel Roe
  12. Emily Rossiter
  13. Ella McNair
  14. Elsa Brady
  15. Sam Flanagan
  16. Conor Kenny
  17. Harvey Walshe

We also have 2 Athletes heading to Scotland for the Scottish Nationals in Tollcross, Glasgow as Niamh Murphy (21) & Ellen Walshe (13) go to race in preparation for summer Nationals and some additional international events.

Murphy will travel to the Portugese Nationals after Irish Age Groups to extend her racing for the summer with additional opportunities for her to race senior open competitions.

Ellen Walshe having been selected for TEAM IRELAND to represent her country at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia from July 27th to August 1st.


After Scotland & Limerick it’s back to work for the last few weeks of preparation for the Swim Ireland Irish Age Group & Summer OPEN Championships with a total of 23 athletes racing for the club on that weekend which is a great achievement.


We’re joined over the next few weeks by some internationally based athletes as Sean McNicholl (13) based in Dubai and training with Hamilton Aquatics joins the team for the summer Age Group meet, while this week in the pool we’re delighted to be joined by Katie Jefferson (17) (Kona Aquatics, Hawaii) as she is in Ireland with family and returning to Hawaii to race her National Championships mid-July also.

Overall it’s a busy summer of racing and a great chance to take in the FULL picture of the TEAM’s continued development and achievements over this year.  We continue to grow and develop as a team and progress the training delivery and continued skills of the members here.

#TEAMWORK #FunFastFearless #ThrivingClub

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