Dye & Shave for Shave or Dye 2015

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Here’s a NEW LOOK this afternoon


@teamtsccoach with @paulconlonPT outside @tempswimpool

Just a short note to let you see a small event that I’m assisting in to fund raise for the Irish Cancer Society. IrishCancerSociety ShaveorDYE Myself & Paul Conlon are participating in the Today FM Shave or Dye Campaign 2015. I’m doing it for the first time in the run up to the 4th Anniversary of my sister Angela, who moved on from this rock to a better place as a result of this illness. Paul too lost his Dad some years ago to this illness and he’s done the challenge previously along with multiple other challenges to raise funds to support for Our Lady’s Hospice. To DONATE to BRIAN click HERE                             To DONATE to PAUL click HERE Despite being diagnosed some years previously Angela was given the ‘All Clear’, 9 years after her original diagnosis and had battled with pride & positivity in herself and all around her to live life to the fullest. Despite the perceived win over the illness, she was diagnosed with a second bout of her specific illness which on that occasion, got the better of her. MRTLogoAngela’s legacy has been huge but one aspect of her life that she had a specific passion for was the ongoing development of the Glen Of Imaal Mountain Rescue Service where she played a key role during her life as a volunteer. This wonderful service is staffed by volunteers and ensures that the Mountains in Wicklow are safe for us to enjoy and for many generations more. YOU can DONATE HERE to the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Service. Do a Little it’ll help a LOT!! Thanks!!

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  • Paul / Brian,

    Just to let you know that I’ve tried to follow the link to donate & I’ve filled in my card details etc full address & then the message below comes up. I’ve tried 3 times don’t want to put my card details in again I will try again later. As you can see my wifi is still working but it’s saying the connection was lost.


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  • I had the same issue as Carol above

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