GREAT Start to 2015 for TEMPLEOGUE Swimmers

With some 48 Athletes racing for the weekend, the TEMPLEOGUE TEAM welcomed their big crew to the NAC for the first Regional meet of 2015.  After the Leinster Minor & Senior Schools last weekend and the Leinster Long Course (50M) Distance meet next weekend the Athletes were looking for some good racing short Course (25M) over the 50’s and 100M events.

The event saw a lot of athletes racing for the first time at a regional event which continues to show the depth of development in the club squad.

The first event for the weekend was girls 100FC with Aine Goulding (10), Aoife Lyons (12) & Aoife Lowe (13) posting strong early swims in Grade 6, as Lowe raced the 100m event for the first time. Aisling Cronin (13) smashed a big PB in the same event to pick up the GOLD medal in Grade 6.  Emily Rossiter (9) and Ola Ogonowska (10) posted superb new PB’s in Grade 5 with Ogonawska posting a 6 second improvement as Rossiter too posted a great swim in her first time doing the event.  Ella McNair (11) delivered a big PB to move up to  Grade 4, while Elsa Brady (10) also saw her improvement move her to Grade 3.  Arianne Courtney (12) posted a good Grade 2 time while Rachel Roe (12) was impressive as she skilfully powered her way to a super new PB and a promotion to Grade 2.  Nicole Fitzpatrick (13) picked up a BRONZE medal in Grade 2 as she continued to show her progression in her first season with the club. In the Grade 1 athletes Isabella Moes (12) also in her first season smashed a new PB, while sisters Alie Martin (13) & Leah Martin (11) also posted strong swims as Leah posted a strong new PB. Caoilfhinn Tan (14) finished up the first event representation with another good swim in the event.


The next event on the block was the boys 50BF with Tiarnan Carroll (11) gaining great experience in one of his first meets while Jude Moes (9) also posted a big new 3 second PB swim for him as he too continued to build racing experience, while Oscar Randles (10) also put a strong new swim on the board.  Evan DeLacey (11) took 4 seconds off his PB while brother Luke De Lacey (14) put a new PB together as Ethan Brady (12) and Richard McCarthy (13) posted huge PB’s of 6 and 14 seconds respectively off previous times.

Back on the blocks were the girls for the 50BC with Mia Randles (8) one of the youngest athletes at the event, posting a big new PB in the sprint event to qualify for Grade 7, while Aisling Cronin (12) finished with a PB and a SILVER Medal in the Grade 6, and Emily Rossiter (9), Laura Gleeson (12) and Aoife Lyons (12) all posting new PB’s int heir respective swims, before Elsa Brady (10) picked up GOLD in Grade 4, while Rachel Roe (12) picked up SILVER in Grade 3 with a PB and Megan Culbert (13) also happy with her PB. Isabella Moes (12) and Leah Martin (11) both continued their assault on their PB’s with strong new swims in their event also.

The athletes got great feedback throughout the day from the coaches on duty as they looked to take their superb training enhancements and put them in to racing practice as we continue to build the season of racing.

Daniel Dougan (12) posted his first 100BS, gaining great experience en route, while Stephen Murphy (10) also posted a good new PB swim in his first event also.  Richard McCarthy (14) posted a Grade 6 PB, while Sean Kenny (12), Daniel Martinez-Dunn (12) & Luke DeLacey (14) all posted good Grade 5 Swims.

The Girls moved n to the 100BF with Alie Martin (13) posting a PB as the only club athlete racing the event abd picking up a BRONZE medal in the process.  The boys sprint Freestyle was the next event as Jude Moes (9), Tiarnan Carroll (11), Feitong Wu (8), Daniel Dougan (12) & Oscar Randles (10) all put good Grade 8 swims with PB’s picked up for Wu, Dougan & Carroll.  Stephen Murphy (10) posted a good Grade 7 swim while Evan DeLacey (11), Sam Flanagan (10), Leon Avery (12) & Conor Kenny (10) put good Grade 6 swims together as Murphy, Avery & DeLacey also picked up PB’s in the event, before Richard McCarthy (13), Peadar O’Loinsigh (16) & Luke DeLacey (14) finished the event with a trio of PB’s and some great racing efforts.

Our girls had a very busy sprint Breastroke event as Mia Randles (8), Laura Gleeson (12) posted good PB swims in Grade 8 as Charlee Maher-Jones (10) in her first regional competition also posted a new PB, and joined Aine Goulding (10) & Aisling Cronin (13) in Grade 7, before Emily Rossiter (9), Aoife Lyons (12), & Aoife Lowe (13), moved their new PB’s in to Grade 4 while Rachel Roe (12) was delighted with her PB as team mate Arianne Courtney (12) picked up a GOLD medal in Grade 4 while Isabella Moes (12), Leah Martin (11) & Megan Culbert (13) smashed up another trio of PB’s to finish this event also.

The last event of the morning session for the Boys was the 100BC saw Oscar Randles (10) but a new event in his tool box and a new PB also, while another HUGE PB was set by Conor Kenny (10), while Luke DeLacey (14), Daniel Martinez-Dunn (12) & Sam Flanagan (10) did likewise earning Flanagan a BRONZE medal in Grade 6 while Sean Kenny (12) also posted a strong swim and Jamie Flanagan (12) PB’s too, while Ethan Brady (12) put another strong swim on the board and finishing in BRONZE medal in the Grade 4 event while both Peadar O’Loinsigh (16) & Tom Giblin (16) posting PB’s while Giblin also picked up a BRONZE Medal with his superb PB in Grade 1, while O’Loinsigh picked up SILVER in Grade 4.

In the final event for the girls in the morning, the Girls put together 100IM’s with pride as Aine Goulding (10) & Emily Rossiter (9) posted strong PB’s in Grade 6, before Ola Ogonowska (10) completed another superb swim to close out her morning, before Elsa Brady (10) posted her first IM event and Arianne Courtney (12) picked up a great SILVER medal before Megan Culbert (13) & Nicole Fitzpatrick (14) posted strong PB’s also before Isabella Moes (12) posted another NEW PB & Alie Martin (13) closed out her morning with another good swim.


Athletes posed while coaches looked on at some others racing in the afternoon also as another busy session commenced for the TEAM.  The first one on the block in the afternoon was Sam Flanagan (10) with a massive PB, before Evan DeLacey (11) also put his first regional IM swim in the bag while Jamie Flanagan (12) and Finn O’Keeffe (13) put good swims on the board as O’Keeffe also posting a PB int he process.

in the afternoon, the Girls 50BF continued to producte the PB plan for the day as Isabella Moes (12) and Anna O’Gara (15) both posted PB’s while Layla Cherbatji (13) also swam in her first regional event and picked up her first PB of the day as soon as she stood in the block.  in the Boys 100FC the youngest boy from the team on the day was Dean Kiernan (8) did a great job for his first PB in the 100M event as brother Alex Kiernan (10) & team mate David Corcoran (10) also posted new PB’s as Harvey Walshe (10) swam his way to an impressive new PB, while Leon Avery (12) and Sam Flanagan (10) were separated by 0.1 of a second in Grade 6, while Conor Kenny (10) also picked up a strong PB and a bonus SILVER medal in the Garde 6 event.  Daniel Martinez-Dunn (12) took a chunk off his PB as he moved to a Grade 4 level time, while Ethan Brady (12), Jamie Flanagan (12) and Luke DeLacey (14) were pleased with their PB’s all posting Grade 3 times, while Finn O’Keeffe (13) also posted a solid swim in the 100FC.

The Girls 100BS was another busy event for the TEAM as Aine Goulding (10) was the first to race with a strong swim, while Ella McNair (11) & Lauren Woulfe (12) also posted good PB’s in their events as Woulfe took to the blocks in the afternoon with her first PB of many for the session. Arianne Courtney (12), Leah Martin (11) and Nicole Fitzpatrick (14) all swam well with Isabella Moes (12) posting the fastest time for the TEAM today with another great PB for her.


With their Coaches in tow, the Boys BC continued to produce more PB’s with Jude Moes (9), Feitong Wu (8) and Alex Kiernan (10) taking bundles off PB’s while David Corcoran (10), Evan De Lacey (11) & Harvey Walshe (10) smashed more PB’s as Walshe also picked up another Graded medal with a BRONZE in the Grade 7 event while Luke DeLacey (14) posted the fastest time for the time in his swim.

One of the busiest events for the day was the Girls 50M FC and the TEAM were well respresented as Charlee Maher-Jones (10) opened the clubs account with a BIG PB & SILVER medal swim in Grade 8 before Lauren Woulfe (12) also posted a PB, while Aisling Cronin (13) did likewise and picked up a SILVER medal in Grade 6. Aoife Lowe (13) PB’d in her event while Ella McNair (11) & Layla Cherbatji (13) produced a good swim in their events before watching Arianne Courtney (12) take the spoils as she pipped team mates Megan Culbert (13) & Leah Martin (11) in a tight result to pick up the BRONZE in Grade 2.  Anna O’Gara (15) & Alie Martin (13) were happy too with their Grade 1 Swims in their respective events.

As the afternoon drew to the final events the boys 100BF saw Ethan Brady (12) post a Grade 6 SILVER, Jamie Flanagan (12) a PB & Finn O’Keeffe (13) picked up Grade 3 SILVER before seeing Tom Giblin (16) produce a strong swim in the Grade 1 event.  in the final event for the girls, the 100BC Lauren Woulfe (12) & Aine Goulding (10) both took medals in SILVER & BRONZE position in Grade 7, while Aisling Cronin (13) posted a massive improvement in her swim also in Grade 6, while Ella McNair (12) did likewise in Grade 5 and Elsa Brady (10) in Grade 4, Nicole Fitzpatrick (14) capped a great day of PB’s with another one in the Grade 3 level as Megan Culbert (12) & Anna O’Gara (15) also posted strong NEW PB’s before the boys took to the blocks for one last event.

Final event of the day saw Dean Kiernan (8) get great experience in the BOYS 50 Breastroke, while Jude Moes (9) & Alex Kiernan (10), joined David Corcoran (10) in the PB smashing stakes as all boys posted great performances.  Evan DeLacey (11) & Harvey Walshe (10) raced tough at the back end of a long day both PB’s and Walshe picking up another medal as he swam to BRONZE medal placing in Grade before Luke DeLacey (14) finished the days racing for the TEAM, where thing started with a NEW PB in a NEW event for him at this level.

Overall for the day produced the following PB’s


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