Learnings as a PEP Member – Fortunate to be part of this program

Institute ofSport2

I am hugely fortunate to be part of a program with the Irish Institute of Sport over the last 5 years which has considerably enhanced my coaching aptitudes and continued my own developments through always looking to assess and evaluate what I’m doing as a coach.

This week I spent the day listening to great Irish coaching leaders in their sports discuss programming and planning considerations in their sports.

Some of the learnings from Gary Keegan, Giles Warrington, Ciaran Ward, Liam Sheedy & Dave Passmore nothwithstanding the other PEP Horizon members present on the day are summarised int he following two slides.

My PEP colleagues are

Graham Shaw (Hockey), Steven Macklin (Athletics), Eoin Rheinisch (Canoeing), Noelle Morrissey (Athletics), Russell McGovern (Sailing), Ross Kilian (Sailing), Sally Corscadden (Equestrian), JJ Glynn (Football), Pat McInerney (Rowing), Stephen Delaney (Triathlon)

Thank you for the learning on the day.


Thanks to Ciaran Ward (Irish Judo) who discussed the great strides and developments made in Irish Judo and I loved his discussion about the following concept!


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