HRV4TI was prompted to use this application by our @SwimIreland Sports Science lead John Watson in September 2017 at our National Squad launch day to help give a more defined ongoing appreciation of adaptations in Sports Physiology of individual athletes.

Following an introduction to the APP, I had some discussion online with Marco and with the support of the Club we took the app onboard for my entire Top squad on our TEAM at TEMPLEOGUE Swim Club.

In the past competitive season I’ve found the daily reporting from this app a hugely valuable tool to enable a conversation with athletes on training adaptations and how best to manage the multiple elements, that affect their young athlete lifestyle.

Whilst I have used the app on both iPhone and iPad daily, the launch of the NEW web based platform has been a big improvement in the analysis and use of the information being provided by the athletes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 16.22.51

The analysis of multiple parameters and the dynamic ability to assess and report changes ongoing allows me to consider the need to adjust training intensity and more importantly in many ways, evaluate where additional stimulus may be impacting or compromising athlete performance over time.

We had exam athletes each year and the use of the app in 2017/2018 has helped to more appropriately manage load with athletes at those times.

fullsizeoutput_3dfdI work largely with age-group and developmental athletes and the supplementary benefit for me as a coach is to prompt conversations with athletes in terms of self-awareness of training adaptations and how they individually respond to training and other stress over time.

As a TEAM, Marco and his team @HRV4training have been hugely responsive to any and all of my customer queries to them, to help me better understand the platform and it’s outputs and I look forward to continuing to utilise the platform as we continue to develop our Templeogue TEAM at Templeogue Swim Club.

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