#IOSC2017 Finals & Medals Comparions Asks Q’s of ALL Coaches in ALL Regions!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Content below is NOT in any way official on behalf of Swim Ireland. The use of the Event Logo should NOT be misconstrued as being representative of Swim Ireland information.  Apologies for any confusion therein, as this content is solely my assessment of meet results. 

IOSC Finals Count JUN & OPEN

The above is a representation of ALL combined OPEN & Junior Finalists at the @SwimIreland #IOSC2017 events.  It’s interesting to see how these translate to medals and podiums in the later slides and where the developing regional athletes are being retained to more senior levels with enhanced performance.

IOSC Medals Count By Region Updated

The above graph shows the results of all podiums at IRISH Nationals by Region having removed any non-irish podiums presented on the day. There are interesting comparisons across the regions on events and when a more detailed look at the specifics of the results it’s key to see how important retention is in every region in order to continue progression across the events.

IOSC Medals Count By Region

The above is a representation of the Medals to IRISH athletes in total events, where in many events the remaining medals were won by Non-Irish Athletes.

IOSCResults By Region

The above is a representation across ALL Individual Olympic Events in Junior & Senior excluding non-Irish finalists and it’s interesting to see where the depth of numbers is in the Juniors across regions but too many are not being retained to continue to swim to the senior level.

The impact for each region and for coaching/teaching and coaches in each region is different but a key consideration needs to be looked at in terms of ensuring that skills and competencies are being developed to allow athletes continue to progress as they get to mid-teen and early adulthood.

Our newly launched national Competition framework should help us to ensure that relevant competitions are being targeted by coaches and the appropriate skills developed to allow athletes progress at an appropriate rate to maximise their potential in the sport.

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