Developing (Coaching) Leadership in Young Athletes

Some information I received today from a coaching legend remdinded me of a few things I’ve heard from other coaching legends.  They’re simple but important messages to reinforce.

As a coach, ask yourself each and every time you engage with a young athlete, what level of independent thought have they to work this problem out for themselves, to manage themselves and find a solution, to adapt to their surroundings and deal with whatever is thrown at them

‘Leadership is developed very young between 4 to 5 years of age  and 10 years of age with parents who allow their children to make decisions both with or without advice but always with unconditional support and most importantly hold them responsible and accountable for the outcome of their decision. And still we continue to see coaches making athletes dependent on them ie refilling drink bottle etc and parents carrying equipment to training etc for them.’  

Thanks for this  Bill Sweetenham 2014

A Tweet from some years ago that I use annually in a presentation to Parents from another coaching legend John Leonard (@ralp1404)

John Leonard Quote

And finally a poster I found on the door of a principal’s office in a primary school. As I was leaving the office two 5yr old boys were outside based on bad behaviour.  The attached poster was on the door of the office, facing you as you went in at 5yr old EYE level, just to remind them.


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