BLISTERING HEAT & AWESOME SWIMS in NAC on Day 2 of Leinster AGE GROUP Championships


The National Aquatic Centre was the venue again for Day 2 of the Leinster Age Group Championships and as the sun was splitting the stones outside the TEAM TSC athletes racing continued to deliver some boiling hot swims as they continued to race to NEW PB’s and set new standards for themselves.


The day kicked off with the 200FC, seeing Ellen Walshe (12) set up another fantastic day of results as she powered her way to a new PB in the morning heats, while also converting her morning swim in to a Gold medal performance in the evening finals.  Leah Martin (11) continued her great form from yesterday as she also took over 12 seconds off her personal best int he 200FC.  In the 13&14yr old girls Caolifhinn Tan (14), Caroline Ryan (14), Keeva Bowe (14) and Megan Culbert (13) took between 2 and 4.5 Seconds off their PB’s with ALL girls redefining their best times in the heats. Jessica Burke (14) too powered her way to the finals

JBwith a strong swim where tonight she also delivered a further step up performance to finish in 3rd place in the event.   As the girls got older the results kept on getting better for the team as Nicole Walshe (15) smashed her PB in the heats to secure a final swim, where she too further increased her improvement in tonights final with a superb effort taking a further 3.25 seconds off her best time to finish in 5th place in her event.  Niamh Murphy (20) also powered her way to a bronze medal in the senior womens event in a strong well paced swim to to secure the podium finish.


The younger boys continued their impressive form as they delivered superb swims in the 200FC with Ronan Tan (11) and Jamie Flanagan (11) pick up Silver & Bronze placings again in big big PB’s for both young men.  Sean Kenny (11) too continued his form from yesterday with another strong PB as Daniel Martinez-Dunn (11) also posted another strong swim in the morning as he prepared for his more favoured events.  Evan Rossiter (13) fresh from some excellent swims yesterday continued to deliver PB’s as he moved in to a final swim again in the 200FC, also equaling the morning result and finishing in 6th place.  Finn O’Keeffe (13) was also pleased with his strong new PB in his event as Richard McCarthy (13) too delivered a great swim, before the teams older boys of Greg Sinnot (14), Eoin Feighan (15), Matthew Parnell (15) and Traolach McKnight (15), who are all bar Sinnot studying for their Junior Cert post strong swims as Feighan qualified for the final and also delivered a Irish Age Group Division 1 qualifying time, with both McKnight & Parnell being called up for final swims in their age group.

NMIn some of the more stroke focused events Leah Martin (11) delivered another strong PB in the 200BS as her sister & squad member Alie Martin (13), raced to a big PB in the same heat as Megan Culbert (13) and Caroline Ryan (14), with all girls delivering PB’s  and ALL delivering QT’s for the Irish Age Group Division 2 Championships.  Senior Member  Niamh Murphy (20) was back on the block again swimming her first LC 200BS since 2008, in which she didn’t disappoint as she put together a superb swim in both heat and final to win her event.

Daniel Martinez-Dunn (11) had patiently waited for his opportunity to deliver a fabulous bronze medal winning performance in the 200BS and a strong 20+ second PB for himself.  Team-mate Sean Kenny too also delivered a result that would have arguably won his age group, but after an infringement underwater, was disqualifed in the heats.  Evan Rossiter (13) & Joe Kenny (12) also posted strong heat swims in the heats of this event with Rossiter progressing to the final and finishing the event in a further improved PB to pick up a silver medal in the event.  The older boys were represented by Traolach McKnight (15) also progressed from heats to finals finishing in 4th place overall and taking a total of almost 4 seconds off his best time. FOK2

As a further stroke event progressed the club was well represented as Ellen Walshe (12) delivered a skilful display in the 100BF to win her age group as she progressed from the morning heats to this evenings final, while Alie Martin (13) also gained valuable experience racing this tough event long course.   Jamie Flanagan (11) picked up a further podum and PB swim with a strong perofrmance in the 100BF, while Richard McCarthy (13), Finn O’Keeffe (13) and Evan Rosster (13) posted strong heat swims which saw O’Keeffe smash a big new PB, which qualified him for the final this evening where he again delivered a great swim to earn himself a podium finish in bronze medal position in his age group.

EFThe Clubs depth has well represented across the first two days of the competition and the athletes who raced the longer distance and medley swims continued that progression with some strong results also. Eoin Feighan (15) delivered a GOLD medal performance in the boys 800FC as he delivered a superbly paced swim to post a new PB and great result for him.
In the medley events Joe Kenny (12) took further time of his PB as he delivered another fine swim this weekend before Keeva Bowe (14) did likewise in her event and qualifying herself for the Irish Age Group Division 2’s in the process, before Ellen Walshe (12) converted another improvement in her age group finishing in 2nd place and also qualifying for the British Age groups in the process also.

To finish the morning the clubs relays also made podiums as the Girls A MTR of (Caoilfhinn Tan, Jessica Burke, Ellen Walshe & Caroline Ryan) were pleased with their swim while the clubs other girls team of Keeva Bowe, Megan Culbert and sisters Alie & Leah Martin also finished their morning in style.  the boys A team also finished on the podium in the silver medal spot as Evan Rossiter (13), Joe Kenny (12), Finn O’Keeffe (13) and Ronan Tan (11) delivered some superb swims with Tan anchoring the team in a blistering finishing time.  The final club team of the day saw Sean Kenny (11), Daniel Martinez-Dunn (11), Jamie Flanagan (11) & Richard McCarthy (13) also help to show just how well the club’s athletes have developed in the current season.

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