Leinster Age Groups – DAY 1 – What a start!

Well the crew from TEAM TSC opened up their account at the Leinster Age Group Division 1 & Summer Championships in style today at the National Aquatic Centre.  The event sees a return of double age banding, which makes competition and racing tough even more important for the athletes.

The Day kicked off with the Boys 100FC as Finn O’Keeffe (12) was the first to dive in with a great swim in his Event and a strong PB, closely followed by Traloach McKnight (15) who too put in a strong swim.  Next up Jason Cosgrove (16) and Stephen Herlihy (14) went toe to toe in their heat delivering strong first swims for their weekend, while Ruairi McCarthy (14) delivered himself a PB.  Graham Field (19) led the way in his heat as Tom Giblin (14) and he both delivered PB’s to qualify for their respective Age Group finals.  In the final of the event, Giblin yet again smashed his PB to place 2nd in his event while Graham Field also hit the wall in 2nd place in another PB for him also.

In the Girls event Ellen Walshe (11) hit the mark with a great PB swim in her event, while Aisling Field (13) and Muirin Goulding (14) both swam PB’s in their heat as they battled it out side by side.  Nicole Walshe (14) smashed her PB to get herself to a reserve place for the finals, while Niamh Murphy (19) comfortably placed herself in the Final this evening, which she won in a strong performance to take gold in another great swim.

The boys returned to the pool with the 200BC where Finn O’Keeffe (12) had a solid morning swim, secured a Final place and smashed his PB in this evenings finals to place 6th overall out of age.  Graham Field (19) also returned this evening to place top of the podium in the 200BC, while Tom Giblin (14) also delivered a wonderful PB to win the event in his age group, as team mate Stephen Herlihy (14) also finishing in 6th place in the same age group.  Jason Cosgrove (16) finished out the finals in the 200BC for the boys with a 6th place in his event also.

The Girls back strokers were all pleased as Aisling Field (13) smashed her PB in her swim, as Jessica Burke (13) and Muirin Goulding (14) waited till the final heat to book places in the finals this evening where Burke delivered a superb swim to get on to the podium in 3rd place in a tight finish.

The Boys 200IM saw only Ruairi McCarthy (14) race for the TEAM but delivering a great heat swim, to qualify for the final and a further PB this evening to finish in 5th in his age group, again a year out of age.  PB’s a plenty for the girls as Muirin Goulding (14) smashed her best swim in her heat, while Jessica Burke (13) converted a superb heat swim this morning in to a new PB swim this evening, finishing in 6th place while Ellen Walshe (11) delivered a superb swim in the heats and a blistering swim in the final this evening to finish in 3rd place in her event, another swim a year out of age.

This morning also saw Eoin Feighan (14) demolish his PB in the 1500FC, to finish in 3rd place, while Nicole Walshe (14) also wam to a strong PB in her age group.  Both of these swimmers were again a year out of age.


Relay teams also delivered some great results as the Girls 13/14 girls won gold and silver in their events as the Boys 14/15 hit the podium in 3rd for both relays.

All in all it was a great day for the first day of results for the TEAM.



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