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SWIM IRELAND TEAM in GLASGOW @ Scottish Nationals 2011

The Final day of racing in Glasgow yielded further strong results for the Swim Ireland TEAM.  All in all the 4 days of racing went very well with athletes gaining invaluable experience in an international event.

Heats swims on Day 4

  • M100BF – Cian Duffy 59.73 (9th Q’d for ‘B’ Final), Brendan Hyland 1:00.31, Jack Cobain 1:01.28
  • W100FC – Katrin Kychygina 1:02.36, Emma Cassidy 1:01.48 (=PB), Grace Branagan 1:00.68 (=PB), Claire Dawson 58.42 (5th Q’d for ‘A’ Final)
  • M200FC – Jack Cobain 2:03.38
  • W200BS – Niamh Bryson 2:48.45 (Q’d 8th for ‘B’ Final)
  • W50BF – Emma Cassidy 30.51 (PB), Lorna Cummins 29.67 (1st Q’d for ‘B’ Final), Aisling Cooney 29.18 (4th Q’d for ‘A’ Final)
  • M400IM – Cian Duffy 4:43.44 (Q’d 8th for ‘A’ Final), Brendan Hyland 4:41.50 (PB & Q’d 4th for ‘A’ Final)

Finals Results on Day 4

  • M100BF – Cian Duffy 59.61 (9th in ‘B’ Final), Brendan Hyland 59.35 (7th in ‘B’ Final).
  • W100FC – Claire Dawson 57.60 (5th in ‘A’ Final)
  • W200BS – Niamh Bryson 2:46.2 (4th in ‘B’ Final)
  • W50BF – Aisling Cooney 28.92 (6th in ‘A’ Final)
  • M400IM – Cian Duffy 4:41.77 (5th in ‘A’ Final, Brendan Hyland 4:41.30 (4th in ‘A’ Final).

4 Good days of racing.

EVERY athlete made it back for a Final swim and with multiple PB’s, some podium finishes and some invaluable competition experience, as a prep meet for the older athletes and in general, as international exposure for the development athletes, its been a good competition.

Athletes look forward now to Irish Nationals, WUG’s and British Youths to furhter develop their racing and performance skills.

Full report from Swim Ireland website can be found here.

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