FINAL Day brings further Success for TEAM TSC

IRISH AG D2 TEAM (missing Eoin Feighan, Muirin Goulding & Arun Ramkaun)

The final day of competition saw the TEAM TSC team of athletes continue as they had started on day 1. Some fantastic performances across the team meant multiple PB’s some great racing and some excellent podium finishes were the order of the day.  In the first event of the Day Adam Flanagan & Eoin Feighan joined the TEAM, having been unavailable for the early few days, to deliver strong PB’s in the 1500FC.  Flanagan finished in the Silver medal position and a QT for the Division 1 Irish Age Groups with Eoin Feighan finishing in a new PB for him and a 4th place finish.  Off to a great start!!

Next up was the 200BC with Jessica Burke, Caoilfhinn Tan & Aisling Field all delivering PB’s in the event.  Burke qualified in 2nd place for the final and returned this PM to convert that result to a Silver medal and earn herself a further IAG Division 1 QT.  In the boys 200BC, Stephen Herlihy (12Yrs) qualified for the final with a new PB, returned this evening to further improve on his morning effort and finish in 9th place in the event.  Cathal Tan (13Yrs) had qualified in a big PB this morning in 2nd place for the final, but after a superb swim, finished with a further improvement on his PB and a winning GOLD medal time.

In the 100BS event Jessica Burke (12Yrs), having competed in a lot of events this weekend, finished in reserve for the Final, just outside her best swim.  In the Boys event Cathal Tan (13Yrs) continued to improve PB’s with a 4th place finish in the 100BS .  The final event of the weekend saw the girls and boys attack a 200FC with real purpose, with a tired Jessica Burke, Caolifhinn Tan & Aisling Field, all racing hard to finish a tough weekend of competition with solid swims.   Not to be outdone the U12 boys of Stephen Herlihy, Adam Flanagan & Eoin Feighan also swam hard to finish their respective weekend of competition, with Herlihy posting a new best time.  The final competitor of the weekend was Cathal Tan, delivering a strong PB in the heats to qualify for the final in 4th, and with a tough nights finals behind him, came out in his final swim to deliver another step up PB, QT for Irish Age Groups Division 1 and a silver medal.

Overall Arun Ramkaun won the OVERALL award for a 15Yrold, Jessica Burke picked up the 3rd place OVERALL award, whilst Cathal Tan picked up the OVERALL 4th place in the 13yrs age group.

ALL in all the TEAM did a fantastic job all weekend.  Congrats to the 9 athletes Jessica Burke, Muirin Goulding, Aisling Field, Caoilfhin Tan, Stephen Herlihy, Adam Flanagan, Eoin Feighan, Cathal Tan & Arun Ramkaun and a massive well done to Colm O’Brien & Peter Sherry for their coaching support and to Evelyn Herlihy, our team manager and ALL other parents who helped out for the weekend.

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